Cabane Lisbonne des craquements insolites
Cabane Lisbonne des craquements insolites


I realy liked staying here because the food is really nice and the tree house. I also realy liked the patterns and shapes on the window and all the animals are really nice.

Thank You !!
Lucy ❤ X0X0X0


I really enjoyed everything! The treehouse had a nice, cozy felling. But, on th e banisters on the way in, There was a nail that out me and my Mum. I was also dissapointed with the hot chocolate. For one, there was no chocolate. For another, it was just hot milk.

Molly Donegan


Nous avons passé 2 nuits dans un cadre très agréable. Le vent nous a accompagné la première nuit avec ses

caquements insolites

. La seconde nuit fut plus calme. Bravo au menuisier.

Les Vendéens : Alain, Guyaine, Corinne Jean-Noël

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